It’s My Birthday Today

And as it’s my birthday, I thought I would share with you the second draft prologue chapter of my current project… one of the things that’s kept me from blogging as often as I might like. And here it is:

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I’ve also written a few reviews and previews lately (and even a basic game FAQ for the first time) that can be found here:

KevinS on

Stand tall my friends, and enjoy some new content!

Coming Full Circle

About a week ago on Game Revolution, I shared before E3 2015 a few of my stories from previous events. These stories weren’t exactly the most flattering for me I admit – poking fun at a celebrity, calling another out for cutting in front of me in line, and crashing the cabana of yet another famous and talented person (I tend to only make a TOTAL ass of myself in front of famous people, like Alex Borstein of MadTV and playing Lois Griffen on Family Guy). This year, in surprising fashion, I was actually able to confront the celebrity I had directly addressed, and in turn, make an ass of myself in a mutually-assured deprication.

This time, it was Kevin Pereira.

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35,000 Feet To Carry My Two

I fly maybe once or twice a year on average, and every time I get a window seat I’m reminded that until about a hundred years ago, nobody on the planet had ever appreciated the view I get to. And it’s not even just that nobody else had seen that view, I was doing it for a damn low price… although in order to do so I am sitting in a metal tube filled with 150 other people’s farts.

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This Is Adulthood


As I write this, it’s the end of a day of work, and the second day in two months I’ve felt truly able to relax without the anxiety of something I “need” to work on (for financial gain, I mean). I worked today, I was offended today, and I calmed back down after light grocery shopping today. And as I stared at my reflection in the mirror as I brushed my teeth, I started to really see myself as an “adult” – a moniker I’ve gone over thirty years trying to avoid.

I still prefer the term “grown-up”, personally. Think about it like this: when you were a kid dreaming of the things you could do when you got older, did you ever think of doing what adults did, or what grown-ups do? The difference is, “adult” is a word steeped in repetition and responsibility, while the term “grown-up” is what people were… people who rode the big roller coasters, who traveled all over the world. The people who could do anything they wanted at any time. Ice cream and cookies for dinner! Go to the arcade at the mall and just play games the whole time! No kid wants to be an adult, they don’t want that hassle!

But as I looked at myself, identifying the small scars on my face, the day’s accumulated stubble, and even the beginnings of the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes (that I’ve earned by smiling a lot, by the way), I saw myself as the rest of the world sees me: a thirty-year-old man, the kind of face that blends into a crowd, that isn’t so good at one particular thing as to earn fame from it.

Having reached this point, I’d like to tell you what I’ve learned adulthood – grown-up-hood – actually is. No more misconceptions, I think I’ve learned what being “all grown up” actually is.

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February Recap

Man… I’ve been meaning to write more, but between games I have to play for review and the articles themselves, just been distracted while still getting some content out into to the world. I’ll be around more this month, you have my word. I was only able to get through about a hundred pages of what I’m re-reading right now (1984 by Orwell), so I haven’t had time to read read – let alone review – another book with the workload I have currently.

Speaking of books, MY novel is still being worked on in second-draft form. It’s slow-going (also from the reviews and previews distracting me from it), but it is still coming along. I’ll include the prologue chapter of the second draft at the end of this post for anyone interested in a short teaser. It’s brief, but hopefully it well represents the tone I’m hoping for in the finished story. I hope you like it!

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The Problem With Ideas

I have a lot of problems with having too many ideas at once, and trying to follow through with all of them (at least partially). The beauty of a blog is, the articles aren’t too long, so I can pound one through when I have something to talk about – usually these are about two single-spaced pages – and wrap them up with a little linguistic bow at the end. But when it comes to longer work, like a novel or other long-form projects, there’s usually a lot of planning and re-working to make them functional and not… y’know, total garbage.

In that spirit, I thought I might elaborate a little on some of my current projects, some of which will likely never see the light of day. But knowing somebody is reading this, coupled with the idea that somebody might be interested in some of these ideas, maybe I’ll be bugged enough to bring more to fruition that I otherwise might.

Yay for self-imposed pressure!

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