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November Sixteen: “Them Vidya Games!”

Update time! These seem to be getting slightly later and later every time I write them, but… no matter.

Word Count: 23,576
Page Count: 58

That’s a net-positive of 2,165 words and five pages to the manuscript. This kind of admittedly-pathetic progress is why people make fun of their friends when they ask “so… how’s your novel coming along” sarcastically. And sometimes, like it has been over the past week, it’s been well-deserved.

Still, progress is progress. And in my time not-writing I’ve had the ability to binge-watch some history classes through Crash Course, catch up on some games I’ve wanted to dig further into but haven’t had the time, do a little reading here and there, play a little poker.

I feel like I’ve been kicking back more lately, but feel both more and less pressure to get certain work done – I’m between reviews right now which is kind of nice. It gives me more time to think, to appreciate games I genuinely adore and haven’t given the attention they so rightfully deserve, and less time to play games I may end up despising for one reason or another.

If you would like an example of the latter, I direct you to my last review, which was bad enough to hurt my feelings.

I need to get my ass in gear, so as a goal, I’ll shoot for at MINIMUM five thousand words until my next update on either Sunday or Monday (my two regular days off). That would put me around the 28,500 mark, so while 5K is the minimum, I’ll shoot to break through 30K total. Maybe it’ll help to think about it as “as soon as THIS story is written I can start in on a new one”, but since I have multiple fully-realized concepts in my head (some of them mapped out either in the beginning stages or already laid out in some fashion) that’s enough of a challenge for another night.

Or maybe a punishment… if you can think of a worthwhile-yet-not-TOO-painful punishment for not having 5,000 words of fiction written in a week, do let me know in comments. If there’s a good one, I’ll shoot video and upload it to YouTube for your sadistic enjoyment.

Stand Tall, and hopefully your own writing is a bit more concrete and focused than mine has been!