November Twenty-Four: “Progress Is A Strong Word”

Word Count: 24,511
Pages Total: 61

Soooooo not a LOT of progress. 935 words added. The past week has had me remembering other projects, barely poking at THOSE, and generally just being a lazy clod. Some poker though, and I’ve just about broken even for the month, that’s good enough news. Hell, I even played right before writing this (for a net-negative, but still left with a few dollars in my pocket).

One of the projects has been my re-writing of an older post from my previous site, so far titled “Atheist on the Sabbath Redux”, which is a series of thoughts and reasons as to why I’m not a religious person (and a few reasons specifically as to why I don’t believe in a higher consciousness/”god”). I don’t really know why, but the thought has just been flooding my brain again as of late – more like the past few weeks – and having meant to dig deeper into that part of my thought process and life experience, it’s already ballooned to five single-spaced pages. I may just provide it as a PDF or something, so anybody (read: likely very, very, VERY few) interested in giving it a look-over can do so over however much time. Maybe, if it keeps growing, I’ll try self-publishing just for the hell of it. Might be interesting enough, who knows?

I’m going to get writing tonight, heading into Thanksgiving week. Work tomorrow, then probably stay home on the Day-’o-Turkey. Haven’t decided yet. But before I finish up here, a few little shout-outs: first, to my friend Lauren who’s been blasting away at NaNoWriMo for the world to see. You’ve been kicking ass, now cross that finish line!

And second to my buddy Stephen, who’s been kicking ass also, though I don’t know his word count. Keep it up!

Everybody else… you Stand Tall too, yeah?