The Taller Eight is the home of Kevin Schaller, creative human. (That’s me!)

I’m a critic, blogger, self-published author, open-mic comedian, and amateur game designer living in the California Bay Area. My first nonfiction book, A Stand-Up Primer, can be purchased from the Amazon Kindle store, and my tiny game Caretaker is available for free though the Itch.io marketplace. During quarantine, I earned my Associate of Arts degree in English from Solano Community College.

From my work at GameRevolution.com I’ve interviewed everyone from game designers, museum curators, and professional wrestlers. I even personally wrestled two world champions, one reigning as WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the time of our match. (Both matches were of thumb wrestling, both matches resulting in my defeat… but they still count.) Most my work there involved reviews and previews, on top of event coverage (like E3 2011-2016) and editorials.

Currently I’m a freelance writer, and work a day job while editing and finishing my novel.

I’m also the human servant for a cat named Sadie. She’s ridiculously cute, I’m sure you’d agree.