The Greatest Poker Song of All Time

Or at least, the greatest “accidental” song about poker, but I personally can contend that in this case, the song in question is the same.

After years of thinking critically about everything from religion and politics to bookmarks and cheesy video games (seriously, I’m the guy that requested reviews for both Dragonball Evolution and Lollipop Chainsaw), I’d say not only does everything have a deeper meaning and possible purpose, but that sometimes that purpose is something you’d likely never see coming. Take, for example, what people might listen to while they play poker, a serious and strategic game of odds and psychology between players. “It’s not luck, it’s poker.”

I listen to music while playing sometimes, and while sometimes my picks can get me clear-headed and ready for the game, there’s one song on my regular playlist that probably would make people scratch their heads. But in the context of the lyrics, it’s easily the best song I’ve ever heard about the greatest game of wits and gamble I know. So let’s break that down today.

And the song is…