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Microsoft Surface Go: Plenty Good (But Not More)

As much as I love my 13-inch 2015 Macbook Pro, it doesn’t fit well into a small bag for quick trips or my daily commute. And if I’m honest, I don’t need the power of my Macbook Pro for most of the things I use it for, like writing articles, working on my novel, or watching the occasional YouTube video (oh who am I kidding, the occasional YouTube binge session, like streaming sumo in bed). For things like that, a more compact (and less expensive) machine can do the trick.

But I still wanted some power for a commute-able daily driver. And so, to compliment my aging-yet-lovely Macbook, I purchased my first new Windows machine in over a decade: a Microsoft Surface Go tablet. And after a few weeks of fiddling, playing, pushing and writing, I’ve developed a few thoughts about my mobile companion.

Let’s get to it.


The Remix Mini: “Between A Touchscreen And A Hard Disc”

A few months ago I supported a Kickstarter campaign for a small, underpowered computer based around the Android OS. The computer, the Remix Mini, is currently plugged into my TV and running… and, in fact, I’ve written the majority of this review ON my Remix Mini. Writing there, it seems like a good enough test while I have a YouTube video playing in a secondary window.

So what do I think so far, after about an hour and a half with the tiny titan? Let’s talk first impressions.