Doodle: “Stan”

One thing I enjoyed doing on my original site was the section I labeled “Doodles”, the fiction or poetry that would (likely) never evolve into anything long-form or publishable, but was still worthy of sharing. Today, I bring back this tradition, with a Doodle written on the train over my ride back from San Francisco.

It may not eventually turn into anything longer – though it might, haven’t decided whether to try or not – but I thought it was decent enough that you might enjoy it. So here it is, a brief read I’ve titled “Stan”.



Julia worried because David wasn’t sleeping. David worried because there was a dancing grizzly in the room that, apparently, only he was able to see.
“What are you TALKING about!?” Julia asked, her voice both exhausted and incredulous.
“How do you not see it?” David asked.
“My name is Stan,” said the grizzly. “I prefer ‘he’ and not ‘it’, if you please.”
“HIS name is Stan,” David said.
“What is WRONG with you!?” Julia said.
Stan brushed a piece of fur on his arm while in mid-Macarena. “I do not know what she might be experiencing, but obviously it is not me,” he said.
“I… I…” David started.
Julia threw open the closet, grabbing a handful of clothes. “I don’t know what’s going on,” she said. “But until YOU do, I’ll just stay with my mother.” She jumped into her slippers, grabbed her keys, and slammed the door behind her.


Would you LIKE more of a story like this? If so, leave a comment and let me know!

I have a few other articles in different stages of development, so I hope you enjoyed this little interlude! Keep standing tall, my friends!