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February Recap

Man… I’ve been meaning to write more, but between games I have to play for review and the articles themselves, just been distracted while still getting some content out into to the world. I’ll be around more this month, you have my word. I was only able to get through about a hundred pages of what I’m re-reading right now (1984 by Orwell), so I haven’t had time to read read – let alone review – another book with the workload I have currently.

Speaking of books, MY novel is still being worked on in second-draft form. It’s slow-going (also from the reviews and previews distracting me from it), but it is still coming along. I’ll include the prologue chapter of the second draft at the end of this post for anyone interested in a short teaser. It’s brief, but hopefully it well represents the tone I’m hoping for in the finished story. I hope you like it!

For anyone interested (and to prove I have been writing and working), here are the links to my articles written in the month of February. Enjoy!

Disgaea 5 Preview

My Retro Game Box

Jungle Rumble Review

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review

Pokemon Shuffle Review

And the prologue chapter. I promise that the current draft will be finished by the end of this year. I can’t promise that the book itself will be “finished” by then – I never feel like anything I write is ever quite finished – but hopefully by then it will be ready for a more thorough review and… who knows, publication? *fingers crossed*

If you read it and you would like to provide any feedback, please do so through the Contact page here and I look forward to hearing from you!

UZN – Prologue

Again, I’m sorry for not updating more often and sooner, but that will change this month! Until next time, read tall my friends!