So far, I’ve self-published one book: A Stand-Up Primer, on the Amazon Kindle marketing place. I have more projects in the works, and hopefully they’ll be ready for prime time soon!

I made the cover myself.

Ever considered trying your hand at stand-up comedy? Does the thought of bombing in front of a room of drunks terrify and thrill you? Are you wearing pants and wish to share their glory?

This book is for anyone interested in trying their hand at the craft of stand-up. It’s not an end-all, be-all of how to be a great comedian, but it can provide some early guidance and answer a few questions you might have when looking into your first time:

  • What A Joke Is
  • What To Expect From Popping Your Comic Cherry
  • How To Prepare For The Stage (and not crap your pants)

Performing is fun. Getting laughs is better. But you’ve gotta start somewhere.