Hi, Kevin here. If you’re here too, then you’re checking my personal site for more working info. If you’re a bot that stumbled onto this URL… what’s binary for “you shouldn’t be here”?

Most of my work has been helping customers directly, either through email or chat (with some phone calls) over the last 15-ish years. Being helpful is something I’ve always enjoyed, since I was setting up the clock on the VCR and trying to help my mom learn how. (She never wanted to, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t try.)

I also wrote for GameRevolution.com between 2008-2016. Much of my writing was critiquing new games and press event coverage, with editorials, blog posts, and the occasional interview thrown in.

Professional Tools:

Creative Tools:

Developed Skills:

  • Customer service (in person)
  • Customer support (online through email and chat, phone support)
  • POS machines (both initialisms)
  • Creative writing
  • Content creation and management
  • Feature testing/bug logging
  • Managing a small team