Why I Don’t Offer Condolences

Over the past year or so, a surprising number of people close to me have either had a close family member pass away, or have died themselves. I’ve been to a few funerals in my life, and I’m not new to the concept of losing someone I love or am close to. And after serious thought and contemplation about it I’ve come to terms with the fact that life is a temporary condition. The rest of the time, I’m just trying to enjoy what time I have left and to surround myself with people I hold dear to make that time as happy and lovely as possible.

That said, there is one thing I don’t do. One thing I refuse to do. And that would be offering condolences on someone’s loss. Not because I don’t want to console someone I love, and not because I like seeing those people in pain, but because I respect the grieving process immensely.

Let me explain.

games writing

Coming Full Circle

About a week ago on Game Revolution, I shared before E3 2015 a few of my stories from previous events. These stories weren’t exactly the most flattering for me I admit – poking fun at a celebrity, calling another out for cutting in front of me in line, and crashing the cabana of yet another famous and talented person (I tend to only make a TOTAL ass of myself in front of famous people, like Alex Borstein of MadTV and playing Lois Griffen on Family Guy). This year, in surprising fashion, I was actually able to confront the celebrity I had directly addressed, and in turn, make an ass of myself in a mutually-assured deprication.

This time, it was Kevin Pereira.

travel writing

35,000 Feet To Carry My Two

I fly maybe once or twice a year on average, and every time I get a window seat I’m reminded that until about a hundred years ago, nobody on the planet had ever appreciated the view I get to. And it’s not even just that nobody else had seen that view, I was doing it for a damn low price… although in order to do so I am sitting in a metal tube filled with 150 other people’s farts.