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Book Review: Fight Club (1996), “I am Joe’s Borrowed Cliche”

When I started out my annual Points List breakdown of what I wanted to accomplish, I included with it a list of books I hoped to get through in the coming year. I posed the question of what I should read to friends on Facebook, and the first one that popped up was an old college friend who offered one of her favorites: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.

The book that inspired a movie that inspired a series of kitschy one-liners and unnecessary hospital visits, wrapped in an ideology nobody wants to admit appeals to them. And don’t worry, I intend to be just as corny with some of the sentences (like that title up there), as I am one of those people who enjoys their own past a little more than they probably should. And this is going to be indulging in some of that past with newly-glassed eyes (in that I have newer glasses than when I would’ve read this before) and a completely different outlook on my world than my early college years.

Be warned: I don’t intend for them, but there is the possibility of spoilers. But if you haven’t read it yet, it’s been almost 20 years since it came out, so that’s your fault.

Teena, this one’s for you!


January 2015 Book List

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In order to keep me able to determine just which books I’ve gone through over the course of the year – slow a reader as I can be – I’ll be updating at the end of each month with the books I’ve read over that month, along with a brief summary and impression of each. That was I not only have a list I can more easily look back on, but I have a record of my thoughts on them at the time (or close to the time). In case anybody might wonder about the books I like, or what I’m doing when I’m not working on my own writing projects.

Enough of that, to the books!