This Is Adulthood


As I write this, it’s the end of a day of work, and the second day in two months I’ve felt truly able to relax without the anxiety of something I “need” to work on (for financial gain, I mean). I worked today, I was offended today, and I calmed back down after light grocery shopping today. And as I stared at my reflection in the mirror as I brushed my teeth, I started to really see myself as an “adult” – a moniker I’ve gone over thirty years trying to avoid.

I still prefer the term “grown-up”, personally. Think about it like this: when you were a kid dreaming of the things you could do when you got older, did you ever think of doing what adults did, or what grown-ups do? The difference is, “adult” is a word steeped in repetition and responsibility, while the term “grown-up” is what people were… people who rode the big roller coasters, who traveled all over the world. The people who could do anything they wanted at any time. Ice cream and cookies for dinner! Go to the arcade at the mall and just play games the whole time! No kid wants to be an adult, they don’t want that hassle!

But as I looked at myself, identifying the small scars on my face, the day’s accumulated stubble, and even the beginnings of the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes (that I’ve earned by smiling a lot, by the way), I saw myself as the rest of the world sees me: a thirty-year-old man, the kind of face that blends into a crowd, that isn’t so good at one particular thing as to earn fame from it.

Having reached this point, I’d like to tell you what I’ve learned adulthood – grown-up-hood – actually is. No more misconceptions, I think I’ve learned what being “all grown up” actually is.

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April Torrents

There haven’t been many showers lately here in California (April or otherwise), but I know I’ve been involved in a torrent of content from the beginning of the month, and it ain’t over yet. I’m not complaining, I’m thoroughly enjoying writing the stuff, but it HAS kept me away from the blog and the book for some time, and that’s a little disappointing. But in case anyone was wondering, no this blog hasn’t been abandoned, I’ve just been… busy.

That’s my common statement when I can’t get to updating The Taller Eight on my own time, business. And lately, having to think up and write two articles a week has scratched the itch of “typing faster than my brain can think, then editing the crap out of what I just wrote to try to keep it coherent”. I’m nowhere near the fastest typist in the world, but I once did clock in at about word per minute (my resume says 65+), and that would beg the question: does your brain EVER just shut the hell hell up?

No. No, it doesn’t. And thankfully for me, otherwise I’d be screwed in thinking up and writing eight articles so far this month – six features and two reviews – or else I’d be in some mental anguish.

Dankey Kang
Oh, silly Dankey.


But now that I’ve found a little time between pieces, I thought I’d share with you just what I’ve been up to lately. Yay, it’s a catch-up post! Everybody likes those (I hope)!

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